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Vissco Back Rest Ortho Long

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Quick Overview

Vissco Back Rest Ortho Long

P.C No.0108



  • Anatomically designed VISSCO introduces a light weight orthopaedic back rest to support the lumbar region of the back.
  • The back rest has been shaped and contoured to support the entire lumbar region, provides orthopaedic support, removes discomfort, provides correct sitting posture, and relieves pain associated with long hours of bad sitting posture.
  • The moulded shell shape confirms to the body anatomy of most backs. Orthopaedic support is provided on the lower back and hips thus eliminates pressure on the spline. The support provided with this back rest would ensure that the patient does not have a sagging posture while sitting.
  • This back rest is supplied with a detachable lumbar cushion. This cushion can be affixed any where on to the back rest. This cushion provides extra support when the spine is curved or on patients with a slightly curved back.
  • Ideally thisback rest can be used on any chair, including wheel chairs and a special elasticated strap is provided to bond the back rest to the chair. 
  • The moulded frame would not de-shape or crack even after extended use. Available in two sizes:

                          SMALL - This is ideally suited for providing orthopaedic support to the lumbar region
                           LONG  -  This is ideally suited for providing orthopaedic support to the lumbar region and cervical region


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